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She gave me roms of all three! AND she drew a heart on the disk!! Maybe... she's just really nice? Is there a way to ask someone if they like girls without actually saying it? Or if she likes you? I'm terrible at this.

Magnetic media ROMance story / Osteobotany simulator

• 1x 32MB high-density SCO disk

• Two endings

• Lost adventure from fractured world

Includes expanded/remastered soundtrack with three unused songs and extended/alternate mixes.

~ <3 ~


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lacuna3.zip 29 MB
Lacuna III OST 58 MB


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this is really well crafted i super like the way you make the world more alien than i first expected and at the same time have it follow its own kind of logic / begin to come into focus at the end. soundtrack really helps for atmosphere + the only problem i have with it is that i love the bad ending music so much it makes me want to choose it ;-;

person below me: you're on the right track. you're almost there. keep going. you can do it

I did it, thanks for the encouragment!

I love it, the music, the atmosphere...

I don't know what to do after I collected enough gems so that the fog is really thick. I've talked and activated all moth statues (one after the fog, though, and it had just "NS" as reply). I thought the southeastern tower opened a sort of door or something but nothing's changed.

Also, don't know what to try as password...

Oh hye not sure if you're going to see this comment but I managed to get to the end of the game. Do you want to know or did you reach it already?

I solved it the next day. Congrats to you as well for finishing it!

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Well I got errors at both endings. So Im confused there. But I guess I can say I "beat it"? And I haven't figured out the password yet.

If it's not an error that closes the window and if you can still see the credits it's not a "real" error. As for the password, I honestly can't remember it now just that it's very obvious once you get the good ending.

Ah okay. I had a feeling it was in the good but wasn't exactly sure. Thanks!